Whereas the Agreement on Collaboration within PhD Education has been reached before, Halmstad University (Hereafter refers to “HU”) and Shanghai University of Engineering Science (Hereafter refers to “SUES”), based on the principle of reciprocity and the spirit of cooperation, agree to initiate PhD education which will enroll PhD Candidates in three areas: Innovation Sciences, Information Technology, and Health and Lifestyle from both SUES postgraduates and community. The PhD education aims to cultivate graduates with global vision and abilities of innovation, research and problem-solved.

I. Areas and Enrollment Numbers

  1. Innovation Sciences: one

  2. Information Technology: one

  3. Health and Lifestyle: one

II. Admission Requirements

  1. Chinese citizens.

  2. Under the age of 45 with good health condition.

  3. Master degree is required.

  4. English Proficiency: Interviews by both Halmstad University and Shanghai University of Engineering Science.

III. Application Materials:

  1. One application form, which can be downloaded from


2. Two recommendation Letters from Professors or experts in related areas. (Note: Graduating students must submit Master's degree certificate before registration.) 

  1. Official transcripts in bachelor and master level.

  2. Copies of published papers.

  3. Copies of honors and awards.

IV. Application Procedure and Admission

  1. Applicants must submit the required application materials to College of International Education, SUES before March 18, 2019.

  2. College of International Education, School of Management Studies, School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, and school of social sciences, SUES, jointly review the application materials and confirm the interviewees.

  3. College of International Education, School of Management Studies, School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, and School of Social Sciences, SUES, jointly interview the applicants and confirm the second round interviewees.

  4. HU and SUES jointly conduct the second round interview and HU board of PhD education formally decide on admission and admit the PhD candidates.

  5. HU and SUES jointly deliver the admission missive and a formal letter of admission from HU.

V. Cultivation Mode

1. Two-Supervisor mode: HU first supervisor and SUES co-supervisor.

2. Two-Campus mode: Students have their studies at HU and SUES one semester respectively every year.

3. Joint courses delivery: PhD courses will be jointly delivered by HU and SUES faculty members.

VI. Program Duration and Time of Registration

  1. Studying Duration: 4 years

  2. Registration time: August, 2020

VII. Fees

  1. Tuition: Tuition-Waiver

  2.  Program Fee: 128,000 RMB/year/student, including 98,000 RMB scholarship in total for the period of six month in Sweden and six month in China.

  3. If students drop out in the middle of the program due to personal reasons, specific undertakings should be in accordance to regulations of HU and SUES.

VIII. Contact Information

College of International Education, SUES

E-mail: cie@sues.edu.cn

Tel: +86-21-61175961

Address: 350 Xianxia Rd. , Changning District, Shanghai, 200000, P. R. China

Website: http://cie.sues.edu.cn