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Admission Guide 2021



        Shanghai University of Engineering Science (SUES) is committed to creating a supportive learning and living environment for all international students.  

        The highlights of Chinese-taught Masters programs including:

        1.Campus: Students can enjoy superior facilities at Songjiang campus with Chinese peers, and get immersed in Chinese language and culture.

        2. Experience: Ourhighly practice-oriented curriculum equips students with practical skills.

        3.Location: students will enjoy Shanghai, the metropolis, gaining access to the inclusive culture, prosperous business, and convenient life.



        Shanghai University of Engineering Science (SUES) is highly recognized as a public university specializing in applied technologies and engineering sciences in China.

        Spread over three campuses covering near 1,000,000, SUES now consists of 17 academic schools, houses almost 2,000 faculty and staff members, 18,000 undergraduates, and 4,000 graduates. Incorporating the profound academic profile and the fine tradition of University-Industry collaboration, SUES has been dedicated to enabling students to be competitive in academia as well as in the practical industrial world for decades.

        Among the first universities approved by the Ministry of Education of China to admit international students, SUES has been enrolling international students since 1985. As a university accepting international students on Shanghai Municipal Government Scholarship, in 2020 the College of International Education (CIE) served nearly 1,000 international students from over 100 countries and regions, including Germany, US, Japan, Russia, Italy, Australia, Mexico, Ukraine, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Vietnam, Turkey, Kyrgyzstan, Bangladesh, Congo, Ghana, etc.


FieldBusiness, Management & Social Science

School of Management Studies:

(1) Business Administration

(2) Public Administration


FieldEngineering Science

School of Mechanical and Automotive Engineering

(1) Mechanical Engineering

School of Electronic & Electrical Engineering

(1) Mechanical Engineering

(2) Control Science & Engineering

(3) Electronic Information (Professional Master


School of Chemistry & Chemical Engineering

(1) Chemical Engineering & Technology


School of Material Engineering

(1) Materials Science & Engineering

School of Urban Railway Transportation

(1) Traffic & Transportation (Professional Master)

(2) Transportation Engineering

School of Air Transportation

(1) Traffic & Transportation (Professional Master)


School of Textiles and Fashion

(1) Textile Science & Engineering


School of Mathematics, Physics & Statistics

(1) Statistics

(2) Materials Science &Engineering

(3) Control Science &Engineering


FieldArt Design

School of Art and Design

(1) Art DesignProfessional Master

(2) Design Science



Length: 4 years

Start TimeSeptember 2021 (exact registration time please refer to admission notice)



             Tuition(per academic year): CNY 25,000

             Insurance(per academic year): CNY 800

             Dorms(per academic year): CNY 1,200(four-bed room

             The tuition payment and refunding process shall follow university policy.



        1. Ages 22 to 35 and healthy, valid foreign passport holders that completedundergraduate study;

        2. A minimum requirement of HSK 4 certificate.(score over180 points


        a)International students who graduated from Chinese-taught undergraduate programs from institutions in China can be exempt from an HSK certificate.

        b)Applicants of mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan who have immigrated to other countries, or non-Chinese with Chinese citizen parent(s) settled abroad, should meet the conditions set by Document No. 12(2020) of the Ministry of Education of the PRC.



        1.Bachelors degree, undergraduate diploma, and official transcripts of academic achievement during undergraduate study.


        a)These should be original documents or notarized copies, bearing the seal and signature from the issuing institution, in Chinese or English. If they are non-English or non-Chinese versions, the notarized Chinese or English translation should be included.

        b)If you apply before the completion of undergraduate study, an official letter issued by the institute indicating the time when you will receive the diploma is required. A copy of the diploma and final version of the transcripts are still required once you receive them.

        2. Copy of HSK certificate

        3.Personal statement and research plan in Chinese (minimum 500 words)

        4.Photocopy of passport


        a) If the passport has been extended, a passport extension page should be included.

        b) If you are not in your home country during the application, your current valid visa in that country is also required.

        5.Digital ID photo

        6. Two recommendation letters (testimonials) from associate professors or above

Position, contact information, and signature of reference should be included.


        Proof of merits, or other documents that you wish to be considered.



        SUES provides scholarships for excellent applicants, including the Shanghai Government Scholarship for international students & SUES Scholarship for international students.

       Students applying for SGS should apply via

       Students applying for SUES Scholarship please apply via

       Coverage and Details

       The Shanghai Government Scholarship Type A covers tuition, expenses for accommodation and living, and comprehensive insurance during the corresponding study period.

       The SUES Scholarship and the Shanghai Government Scholarship Type B both cover tuition (or part of tuition) and comprehensive insurance.

       An annual assessment is required.


       1.Meeting program application eligibility.

       2.Outstanding in academic performance.

       3.Meeting entry requirements of the university and program.

       4.An applicant who has received any other scholarships offered by the Chinese government or organizations is not entitled to apply for the above scholarships.

       5.Applicants for the Shanghai Government Scholarship must provide proof of language proficiency (passing HSK 4).



        Step 1: Online application

        Please register and submit your application (including all the required documents) via SUES International Students Service System

        Note: Students applying for the Shanghai Government Scholarship should apply concurrently via

        Step 2: Entrance exam

        According to the admission requirements of eachprogram, there will be an entrance examination (remote interview by CIE and the corresponding School).Please pay attention to further email notice for the time and media.

        Step 3: Follow the status

        You can check the application status on the International Students Service System. Please pay attention to emails.

        Step 4: Admission and Enrollment

        The application result will be released on International Students Service System. The admission letters are to be issued in June 2021. Students need to complete registration in strict accordance with the time specified in the admission letter. The original undergraduate diploma and transcripts will be checked during registration. Those who fail to obtain the diploma will be disqualified for enrollment.



        May 31st, 2021



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