2020年上海工程技术大学外国留学生本科生中文授课项目招生简章 Brochure for 2020 Undergraduate Programs(Chinese-taught)for International Studentsof Shanghai University of Engineering Science




Dear students,

2020 Undergraduate ProgramsChinese-taughtfor International Students of Shanghai University of Engineering Science are recruiting now. Please check out how the procedure of applying works. Those applicants who are very excellent have the chances to obtain SGS or SUES Scholarships. We are here on the beautiful campus waiting for you. If your friends also want to apply Undergraduate Programs or Graduate Programs here in SUES, please tell them about our programs. We will send the application information about our Undergraduate ProgramsEnglish-taughtfor International Students in the near future. Please stay tuned.




Aged from 18 to 25 and healthy, valid foreign passport holders with senior high school diploma (or above); those who are under the age of 18 should submit Guardian’s Guarantee Statement.


A minimum requirement of HSK 4 certificate score over180 points



Deadline for ApplicationMay 25th, 2020



Intake: September 2020 (exact registration time please refer to admission notice)



Tuition per year:Non-artistic majors: RMB 18,000
              Artistic majors: RMB 23,000~ 30,000

The tuition payment and refunding process shall follow university policy.


5、需提交的材料Application Materials

1)高中毕业证书或同等学历证书 Senior high school diploma or high school equivalency diploma


Official transcripts of your academic achievement during the senior high school or equivalency study.

3HSK证书复印件Copy of HSK certificate

4)护照复印件1份及照片4(护照照片尺寸) 如护照已延期,需同时提供护照延期页

One photocopy of passport and four passport photo-size photos, if the passport has been extended, passport extension page should be included.


NoteSenior high school diploma or high school equivalency diploma and corresponding transcripts should be original documents or notarized copiesbearing the seal and the school’s signature, in Chinese or English. If they are non-English or non-Chinese version, the notarized Chinese or English translation should be included.


6、报名办法How to apply


Step 1 Apply online http://study.edu.sh.gov.cn/  and upload the scanned copies of the materials listed above.

NotePlease verify the major names and indicate that whether you accept major transferring or not.




Step 2::Print out and sign on the application formand then post or directly submit with other required materials to Collegeof International Education, either of the two addresses below before May 25th.

(1) Changning Campus: Room 410, Building 10, No.350 Xianxia RoadShanghai, China, 200336

(2) SongJiang Campus: Room 501, Teaching Building D, No.333 Longteng Road,Shanghai, China, 201620




According to the admission requirements of different majors, there may be entrance examination (remote interview or on-site interview), please pay attention to the further notice for the time and place.




SUES provides different kinds of scholarship for excellent applicants, including Shanghai Government Scholarship for international students & SUES Scholarship for excellent international students.Students applying for SGS can click the option “Apply for scholarship” when completing the online application form on http://study.edu.sh.gov.cn/. Students applying for SUES Scholarship please email to us, application form will be sent to you.

奖学金类别和内容Coverage and Details


Shanghai Government Scholarship Type A (Full scholarship) covers tuition, expenses for accommodation and living, and medical insurance during the corresponding study period.


Shanghai Government Scholarship Type B (Partial scholarship) and SUES Scholarship for outstanding international students both cover tuition and medical insurance during the corresponding study period. 



Meeting Article 1 Application Eligibility.


Outstanding in academic performance.


Meeting language proficiency.


Meeting entry requirements of university and program.


Applicant who has received any other scholarships offered by Chinese government or organizations is not entitled to apply the above scholarships.







The Admission Letter of successful applicants will be sent out from August, 2020. Please confirm your mailing address or receiving method when filling out the application form.

Successful applicants should bring the original high school diploma and the transcript with you on the registration day (as to other materials, please refer to the Admission Letter), otherwise they are not qualified to be admitted.


10、联系方式 Contact us

邮箱地址 Emailcie@sues.edu.cn;studyatsues@qq.com

联系电话 TEL+86-21-61175964


Contact usMs Qian, Ms Yang, Ms Fang


Applicants of mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan who have immigrated to other countries should meet the conditions set by the Document No.823(2009) of Ministry of Education of the PRC.